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About Danu Partners

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The Principals of Danu Partners are Michael O’Rourke, Leonard Ryan and Mark O’Meara. Leonard and Michael are the co-founders of the Setanta Sports Group, which they founded together in 1992, while in their early twenties. They then built the Setanta Sports Group into a profitable international sports television operator, with operations worldwide. They founded Danu with Mark O’Meara in 2009 to acquire the non UK assets of the Setanta Sports Group. Michael and Leonard also founded the North American Sports Network, which was acquired by ESPN in 2007 and is now known as ESPN America.

Mark O’Meara joined the Setanta Sports Group in 2000, as CFO of Servecast, a broadband video service provider, of which he later became CEO, prior to its sale to Level 3 Communications in 2007. He held a variety of roles at Setanta Sports prior to co-founding Danu Partners with Michael O’Rourke and Leonard Ryan in 2009. Prior to Servecast, Mark worked in investment banking with the Investment Bank of Ireland, where he advised many of Ireland’s leading companies on mergers, acquisitions and capital raising. Mark is a Chartered Accountant, having trained at Ernst & Young.